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  • Q - My MOPAR vehicle is more recent than 1985, can I still add it to the register?
    A - Possibly but please contact us to get prior approval. The UK Mopars register is primarily for pre-1985 MOPARS (Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Valiant) regardless of type/model/engine. Some more recent vehicles are accepted (eg "future classics") but we judge this on a case by case basis. If your vehicle does not look out of place at a US or classic vehicle meet or show then there is a chance we may say yes, but ultimately this will be a subjective decision. Sadly we do not have the resources to run an exhaustive register that can include all and every modern MOPAR vehicles.
  • Q - I can't find my Country in the dropdown: are non-UK vehicles allowed?
    A - The scope of the UK Mopar Register is limited to vehicles with a pending, current or past UK registration. Sadly we do not have the resources to run an international register. If your vehicle was registered in the UK prior to being exported then please enter its historical UK location. Use the Story to clarify what happened to the vehicle (and for instance that you still own it).
  • Q - I can't find my vehicle's Model in the dropdown, can you add it?
    A - Yes, please contact us to let us know what is missing. In the meantime you can select the Model "Other" and use the Model/Trim/Version field to enter your vehicle's actual model.
  • Q - I am not sure what year my vehicle is, what should I do?
    A - Use your best guess. New model year typically begins in August to September of the preceding calendar year so working backwards from the date of 1st registration, the model year can sometime be a whole year prior. You can often get the model year by decoding the VIN (eg in a 13-digit VIN the 6th digit is the model year). If this really bothers you contact us and we may be able to help narrow it down.

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